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BOSTIK adhesive assurance
Date:2013/3/13 13:46:34  From:BOSTIK  Click:1197

Food Contact Statement of LF 520 & H 107S


LF 520 & H 107S are two components solvent free polyurethane adhesive for lamination

This certificate is valid provided the adhesive system LF 520 & H 107S according to the
BOSTIK recommendations;

This certificate is based on the information given to us by our Raw Materials suppliers,
and our know-how of the production of LF 520 & H 107S.

1. European Union Regulations:
Regulation EC 1935/2004: the products LF 520 & H 107S are able to use for the food
packaging material according to the prescription of the framework regulation

(EU) No. 10/2011: All monomers, starting substances and additives used to
manufacture of synthetic polymers in LF 520 & H 107S are listed in Annex I of the
Commission Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011: “plastic materials and articles intended to
come into contact with food” and its amendment.

EU REACH regulation: there is no ingredients of LF 520 & H 107S listed in SVHC under
REACH (151 substances, till 20/12/2013), or CMR or substance listed as Annex XIII of the
REACH Regulation.

2. US FDA Regulation Compliance
The LF 520 & H 107S comply compositionally with the following paragraphs of the FDA

CFR 21, part 175-105 for adhesive as components of articles intended to be in contact
with food subject to extraction test on the finished articles.

Note: Please note that Bostik is only qualified to comments on the FDA compliance from a
compositional viewpoint with the information given by our Raw Materials suppliers.

3. GB9865-2008
All additives used for the production of LF 520 & H 107S comply with GB 9685-2008.

4. Heavy Metals:
LF 520 & H 107S do not contain or is below the prescribed levels of prohibited
substances: Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd), Mercury (Hg) and Hexavalent Chromium (Cr VI)
listed under 94/62/EC and CONEG.

5. Allergens Free
With regard to the issue of known allergens, Bostik does not knowingly add any milk,
milk by-products, eggs, peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, wheat, fish, crustaceans or
shellfish in the production of LF 520 & H 107S.