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COMEXI flexible packaging solutions in a single NEXUS machine
Date:2013/9/10 16:11:28  From:COMEXI  Click:1189

All flexible packaging solutions in a single NEXUS machine

Achieving versatility was the main reason behind the design of the NEXUS dual laminating machine.

NEXUS Comexi has designed equipment for the lamination sector that is capable of carrying out many different jobs with the highest levels of reliability. NEXUS dual can operate with or without solvents, in addition to its operation with Cold seals, Heat seals, lacquers, varnish and even one colour rotogravure printing and flexo, all with or without register. Such a broad range of applications, combined with the possibility of incorporating even more modules, such as turret reel splicing or the upgrade to Dual plus, makes it an exceptional machine and explains why versatility is the key concept behind it.

High performance features, thanks to the latest technologies

NEXUS Comexi has applied all the technical advances ("shaftless" technologies, high-performance drying system, Quick plug-in system) that allow us to achieve the highest
performance qualities of the new NEXUS dual to help improve your productivity without compromising reliability.

Nexus Dual

Maximum speed
450 m/min
Maximum web-width
1350 / 1530 mm
Minimum width of the film
500 mm
Maximum diameter of the reels(Unwinders)
1000 mm
Maximum diameter of the reels (Rewinder)
1000 mm
Mandrel´s diameter (Unwinders)
3", 6" ( 76 / 152 mm )
Mandrel´s diameter (Rewinder)
6" ( 152 mm )

Maximum tension of the film

55 kg
Rewinder with degressive tension
60 kg
Rewinder with constant tension
50 kg

Minimum tension of the film

2 kg
4 kg
Maximum weight of the reel
1000 kg

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