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  • FAX:+86 532 8706 6696
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Qingdao Haide Packaging Co., Ltd. – HAIDE – is a corporate enterprise business that started in 1992. All of the major shareholders had experienced the spouting of the flexible packaging industry in a local state-owned enterprise since 1970, the good relationship had came to create this partnership finally in 1992.

1970  Initial shareholders started relationship in a local state-owned enterprise (which bankrupted in 1990s)

1988  Business trip to Korea and Japan to investigate the experience of flexible packaging industry.

1992  Foundation of HAIDE in the backyard of one local primary school, as a very difficult beginning.

1995  Finally made profitability after the very hard initial years, pursuing entrepreneurship.

1998  Develop fast. Create subsidiary of plate-making company.

1999  New registered address in Licang district.

2000  Invest Japan made TOSHIBA 8 color gravure printing press.

2002  Qualified for ISO9000 standards.

2003  President Mr. SUN Heping came back from AMCOR as new chief executive.

2004  Collective firm DH filming Co., Ltd was found to supply top grade PE film.

2006  Registered as local exporter of 'official inspection and quarantine member' (CIQ certification).

2007  Acquisition of National QS qualification.

2009  Invest two sets of COMEXI solvent less laminator, integrating with world industrial standard.

2010  Cooperative business operation with KANAOKA LTD. (JAPAN) in market sharing and Sandwich package technique.
    New planning plant field (47 acre) located in Jimo city, Qingdao was bought.

2012  Joint venture enterprise COLORLEADER package CO., LTD foundation, it makes the target to meet the request of multinationals.

2013  Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software system was operated to build an informatization group company.
    New office building located in Chengyang dist., Qingdao was bought, (2 sets, 4 floors, total 902 sq.m.)

2014  Positioning marketing company separate from HAIDE & COLORLEADER to become one professional internationalization team.
    Waste reduction unit was introduced.

2015  Active recycling equipment is in process of introducing.

2020  Goal: Become the leading shareholding enterprise of flexible packaging in North China.