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  • 3 sides seal bag for curry product packaging bag
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  • 2015/2/12 19:41:20


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Know Us Better:

Our company 3 sides seal bag was established and started operations in 1992 in the

packaging industry. Since then, we have grown and progressed with the market. We 

have established the mechanism of market research to see which package would 

actually help our clients to improve their relationships with their customers. A detailed 

study of the pontaneity of the market has been done to avoid straggle. 

There are multiple layers available here for lamination:

AL    Aluminum
NY   Nylon
PE   Polyethylene
PET  Polyethylene terephthalate 
OPP  Orientated polypropylene 
CPP  Casting polypropylene
VMCPP  Vacuum aluminizing casting polypropylene
VMPET  Vacuum aluminizing polyethylene terephthalate 
EVOH   Ethylene vinyl alcohol
PET-C   The AlOx coating to the PET films are available on request